Discount Tire


IMM: Boulder, Colorado

Discount Tire is what it is, a discount tire place people go to to get deals. That doesn’t mean it has to look bad or not have a unifying message that ties into seasonal sales or get customers to use its online sales tool that helps customers find the right tread.

Know Your Numbers

Highlighting the Treadwell tool as a fact based way to find the right tires for you from season to season.

Header Detail
Website Design
MLP taken to from above ad

What’s Your Tread

Another campaign idea I initiated was called what’s your tread. Pairing unique characters to the uniqueness needed for various road activities.

This campaign also included a couple commercial scripts in which i created some cool storyboard sketches

1000th Store

Last but not least, an email was created for the opening of thier 1000th store, sent out internally to all the employees to help boost morale.