Brand | Logo Design

IMM: Boulder, Colorado

CampMinder, an amazing company with great people, located in Boulder, Colorado. The premiere resource for the best of the best in camp administration software, they needed a fresh new logo and brand.

Logo Construction

Below are the steps in the creation of the logo. Like most things found in nature, I try to stick to only the essentials, building from principles and patterns with a bit of intuition thrown in for good measure.


The idea was always to keep the logo fluid and dynamic, its alive and can change colors or textures depending on the seasons.



The best part about making logos is the absolute payoff when you are able to take your final logo file and create mock-ups, real world applications that show the client the power of great design.

CampMinder Fonts


The perfect font needed to be modern, friendly and work well with the logo. The font chosen after many iterations was Comforta.

Earlier Explorations

Earlier Explorations

Logos take a TON of work, it is however the front and center representation of a companies blood sweat and tears. Here are some previous rounds that I worked through with the clients to hone down the final logo.