Advertising | 2014 | FiOS


As part of the launch of Quantum TV, Verizon FiOS wanted to use a particular funny man, Craig Robinson as a spokes person, but how? After doing research on Craig I found that Craig loves playing the keyboard as part of his comedy act, singing, funny tunes as only Craig can.

I both conceived and lead this concept and as created the following storyboards as part of the pitch for an interactive pre roll. The original pitch seen here, in some select slides involved filming Craig in front of a green screen and having all the benefits of Quantum TV animate alongside or behind him. I created all the 3D used here in Cinema4D.

The pitch was a success and it soon went viral in the agency, getting broadcast onboard. It soon turned into a broadcast campaign that won  Adweek's ad of the day.

The videos seen below are have FPO graphics in them and were latter adapted for a broadcast campaign.

Click the image below to view the original art direction for this series